Thanks LIBN for ‘Excellence in Communication’ Award

Great morning with Long Island Business News (LIBN)! Thank you for honoring me with an “Excellence in Communication” award for the in-house marketing leadership category.

Lisa Ritchie (my former News 12 colleague and current Evening News Anchor on 770am WABC), thank you for the lovely introduction as MC.

I’m pictured with Scott Schoen, the publisher of LIBN.LIBN

LIBN-Excellence in Communication breakfast, 3-24-16 (89)

Long Island Business News profile:

LIBN Section - Cover

LIBN Section - Profile

Name: Jim Green

Twitter handle: @JimPR

What are you passionate about? I’m passionate about my family and career, and I have a growing passion for fitness and wellness.

What inspires you to work in this industry? I have an opportunity to make significant and meaningful impacts, both in the short term and ongoing, to continually strengthen communications in support of business objectives.

What is your proudest moment in business? I have several proudest moments—from my public affairs work during the hours, days, weeks and months following 9/11 to leading the team that won a Gold Quill Award of Merit from the International Association of Business Communicators. Each proud moment is when I successfully completed a communications strategy to address a significant challenge or a great opportunity for an organization.

What is your greatest strength? I pride myself in being the communicator leaders want by their side. When there’s a concern keeping a leader up at night, I’ll deliver the communications plan to help solve the concern.

What is your greatest weakness? Hershey Kisses. I can’t eat just one, or two, or three…

Who is your role model? A former senior-level manager with emotional intelligence, business acumen, and team management through the right balance of encouragement, constructive feedback, and public and private praise. She continues to serve as the model for how I lead.

What are the goals you want to accomplish in your work? Ensure that everything I do is clearly aligned to the business strategy and achieves excellent and measurable results.

Time management is critical – how do you manage your time? A communications role is 24/7 and I allot time each day to move with the business in real time globally. I devote time at night to prioritize for the next day and reach my APAC colleagues and clients during their working hours. I also devote time very early in the morning before I head to the gym to reach my EMEA colleagues and clients during the first part of their day.

Hot topic in your business or field? One of many hot topics is managing your employment brand to help shape it and ensure how it’s marketed externally reflects authentically the experience inside the organization.

Can you give us one tip you would provide to newbies in this industry? Always be mindful of what’s keeping your manager or his/her manager up at night and be a meaningful part of helping to address the concern.

Choose one word your peers would use to describe you: Collaborator


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