About Jim

Management teams are nicely complemented with my passion, energy and leadership as a Corporate Communications Executive.

I’ve held global leadership roles for industry-leading public and private equity companies. Highly dedicated and accomplished with proven expertise in communications and leading collaborations with marketing, government and community relations, event planning, and others, my leadership includes:

  • Chief Communicator: Proactive and reactive media relations; employee communications; brand and message consistency externally and internally; crisis and change management; video production; HR; marketing communications; and culture change and reinforcement.
  • Private Equity & M&A: Served on the communications leadership teams that transitioned First Data from public-to-KKR ownership in 2007 and back to public in 2015. Served as leader of communications for acquisitions and integrations at Honeywell. In private equity and M&A, led communications projects to restructure organizations and optimize operations to meet business goals and maximize value.
  • Trusted Collaborator: Influence stakeholders globally, including executives and all levels of management and non-management; direct and indirect reports; colleagues in corporate communications, marketing, HR, government and community relations, and other functions; and vendors.
  • Long Island/NYC Journalist: Former reporter with News 12 on Cablevision, BusinessNow on WABC-TV, and other media, giving me the insight to pitch hard news and features, prepare for tough questions, serve as spokesman, and media train colleagues.
  • Record of Excellence: I’ve been deeply honored to receive a number of accolades tied to business priorities and proven results, including my leadership of a cross-functional team that won a Gold Quill Award of Merit from IABC for safety culture change communications. In addition, just this past March, Long Island Business News presented me with the Excellence in Communication Award for leadership.

I’m also a devoted husband and the proud dad of two boys. In between work and family, you’ll find me most mornings well before sunrise at Team Extreme Fitness Health & Fitness Boot Camp to keep in shape.

You can reach me at jameskgreen@gmail.com.

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